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NNO named among Top 10 in Asia Excellent Brand Awards 2023

Moisture lock capsule NNO has been named in the Top 10 at the Asia Excellent Brand Awards 2023, which is a strong affirmation of its quality and brand image.

"Asia Excellent Brand" is an award organized annually by the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia in collaboration with the Vietnam Enterprise Development Science Union (VEDSU). 

The award is a recognition of achievements of enterprises that have made active contributions to the economy and society, offering quality products and services to Vietnamese.

To receive this prestigious award, NNO had to pass through many evaluation rounds with strict criteria on brand reputation, product quality, safety, and effectiveness. 

NNO is a product researched and developed by Mega Lifesciences Vietnam Co., Ltd. Inheriting the scientific values that have made the name of Mega Lifesciences, NNO was created from an optimal moisture-locking formula based on two natural ingredients, helping to prevent dehydration. 

Proud to be a part of the skincare journey of women, NNO has combined nature and science to create an effective skincare solution.

Trans-epidermal water loss occurs when the outermost protective barrier, which prevents water loss through the epidermis, is damaged by environmental irritants. It causes skin dryness, loss of natural elasticity, and aging.

NNO capsule is formulated as a scientific combination to effectively prevent water loss by using natural mild ingredients.

According to the French-based Spin Control Research Institute, NNO can increase skin moisture after six hours. As many as 95% of users commented that their skin was firmer, and 100% of users agreed their skin was smoother and more elastic after two weeks. 

NNO is available in more than 10 countries.

Source: https://vietnamnet.vn/

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